Throughout the years, Eric Dombach has helped business coaches find success in their chosen field through a dependable system he developed through his experience as a business coach himself. This system has enabled business coaches keep clients and build business coaching firms that can sell for a million dollars or more.

One satisfied client whom Eric had helped is Coach Mike from England. “I just got back from the (far) North East and am pleased to report that I’ve signed an agreement with a client and he gave me a cheque!” Mike said. According to him, he attained this particular feat little under 24 hours after his first coaching session with Eric Dombach, which according to Mike, could be a “new record.”

Before his coaching session with Eric, Mike said that he tried another business coaching franchise, only to find out the complete absence of promised leads, which caused him disenchantment. “[This] either means they aren’t bothered or their system doesn’t work,” Mike reflects.

But because of Eric, Mike has completely changed his approach in coaching, after seeing how Eric’s system—described by Mike as something coming from a person who “has actually been there”—differed from his past franchise.

“The next day I drove the good distance to the client’s premises and Eric was with me (Eric was on an MP3 player of course) and it’s fair to say the suggested approach had the client eating from my hand and eager to sign up way before I tried to close,” Mike recalls.

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